Fitness pack - M

When fatigue is frequent, it can come from a dysfunction of the microbiota or a liver that can no longer do its job. Too rich, too sweet or too fatty meals require a lot of energy to be eliminated. To get back in shape, we can provide the body with a more suitable diet.

The fitness pack has foods going in this direction.

Of course, it is still important to sleep 8 hours a night for optimal energy.

Validated by Laurence Crottaz, nutritionist

The Fitness Pack M   - contains:

Organic acerola - food supplement , green porridge , Tonka chocolate topping , Organic sleep - food supplement , L'Elixir infusion, O zen infusion , orange blossom honey , organic almonds , mini maca-vanilla chocolate bar - bar cereals with red fruits - shot ginger honey - quinoa with small vegetables - a small program as well as a description of products will be sent to you by email.